“Ship Your Pants!”

We all think it is creative when advertisements find a way to make you laugh. We also find them more interactive and even more fun to watch. I know most people don’t like to watch the advertisements on television but what if it made you laugh? What if it was even pushing the envelope a […]

Tweeting Instead of Talking?

After having Joy Cook  come speak to our Integrated Marketing Communications class I started thinking more and more about Social Media and the effects they have on our environment and even beginning to think about how they advertise. Little did I know there had recently been an article about Twitter in The New York Times exactly about […]

Victoria’s Secret vs. Dove

Women in general are very conscious of their looks and all girls when they are growing up want to look like the ‘girl in the photos’ or the ‘girl in the magazines.’ However, once they get older they soon realize that not everyone is going to look like those girls and many will look even […]

You Think You’re Shoes are Sweet…

So every girl loves shoes, right? I mean who doesn’t love a nice pair of new shoes? But we haven’t seen anything yet! Technology is always changing and making this world more and more unbelievable. I mean you have Apple coming out with talking phones [Siri], then you have Google announcing the eyewear, so what […]

Sell Yourself!

  You know that phrase that you hear over and over again from the time you take your first class in College to the day you graduate, “Sell yourself.” Well lucky for me I was able to sell myself this past weekend. Before the fact: After hours in the Raleigh Durham Airport, an hour and […]