Learning the ‘Yes &..’ in life!

Blogging…hmm do I remember how to do this? Of course I do! It has been a while but I haven’t completely forgotten.

I am coming to you so late because I got the opportunity to spend my summer in New York City interning at a great Advertising Agency, Universal McCann! I was selected to be a strategy intern on the MasterCard account in April and had decided to take the opportunity. It was a little bit difficult to continue blogging when I had so much around me to keep me occupied!


Boy am I glad that I decided to try this opportunity out because if I hadn’t I would not have known what the agency world was all about and what I liked and disliked about the media industry in general. The experience gave me a toolbox full of skills beginning with the simplest of communication in the workplace and ending with the more difficult tasks that were company specific, such as using certain proprietary tools within UM.

My internship began June 3rd, 2013 and ended August 9th, 2013; 10 weeks of full, hand-on experience in, what I believe to be, a very competitive industry and city!

Going into the experience I didn’t know what I was getting into (Mad Men didn’t exactly tell me what the “interns do!). My first week started and I didn’t know if I would like it or not, but something I did know was that I was really enjoying the people around me. There were other interns from around the nation and even from around the world.


The picture above was taken before we went on a Vector Media Bus Tour of the various OOH advertisements. We got a chance to sit on a double decker tour bus and drive around Manhattan finding different OOH advertisements that Vector Media had produced. It gave us interns a chance to get out of the office and learn without staring at a computer screen. 

Aside from the Vector Media Bus Tour that we got a chance to do, the HR team at IPG MediaBrands  had planned for so many great events which allowed us to get the most out of our experience, both in New York and at IPG.

Another fun intern event that we got a chance to partake in was the IPG Intern Event, where we got to go to Jay Z’s 40/40 club and spend 4 hours (out of the office!) meeting the other interns around the city that were also working somewhere within the IPG family, while hearing presentations from the different company interns.



The pictures above were taken from the IPG Intern event at the 40/40 club. The picture on the left is another Elon University intern and myself  and the picture to the right was just some of the intern ladies enjoying some intern bonding time! This event really gave us a chance to get to know each other better and form friendships that will not only help us network later but also create lifelong friendships! 

Speaking of networking! The team at IPG made sure to give us a multitude of events that we could network. Between the ‘Lunch and Learns’ and the ‘Speed Mentoring with Senior Management’ I don’t know what else they could have done to help us! The Speed Mentoring with the Senior Leaders really hit home with all of the interns. Over and over again I heard interns saying how much they enjoyed speaking to the leaders or that they wished that they would have had more time with them to find out more. The session really allowed us, interns, to learn the little tips and tricks to making it to the top (if that is where you wanted to go of course!).



The pictures above were from our ‘Speed Mentoring with Senior Leaders’ session. Most of the Seniors Management among the various IPG companies came together and spent their mornings mentoring us in the ways we can achieve our highest potential. Each group had six minutes with each mentor, that’s it! We all wanted more than six minutes but they were all willing to meet with us after to discuss any questions we had further. Every mentor was open and enthusiastic about becoming involved with the interns. 

My internship experience this summer really instilled in me the benefits of seeing different companies and learning different company cultures. I was able to see the difference in the Sales side, being in the Ad Sales Marketing department at The Food Network the summer before, and the agency side, being at UM this summer in the Strategy department for MasterCard. It gave me a perspective on jobs and career paths. The opportunities I received both summers were incredible and I would not be able to say that hadn’t I stepped outside my comfort zone both summers and taken the leap to try and make something of my education and life.


This picture was taken at our tour of Google. I don’t think that when this tour was planned they thought about how seeing Google may make ALL of us interns want to work for Google but hey it’s fine! This tour was definitely a highlight of getting to work in such a great city and getting the opportunity to see inside the company everyone talks about! 

I really am so fortunate for both opportunities and cannot wait to embark in on my senior year in college. The famous words of the summer were, “Oh you’re going into your senior year … ENJOY IT because it goes by way too fast.” So I intend to take that advice to heart. I have been able to come back to school with knowledge in both the agency world and the industry as a whole and that is something that not everyone has.

While we did a lot of work and stressing over projects, etc. at IPG there were some funny moments where we let loose. Between the interns becoming closer by going to Happy Hours together or sitting at the “Sushi Tables by the Curiosity Boardroom” eating lunch together we managed to make the most of our time together!


The picture above was taken on our last day of the internship. Whether the excitement was due to the fact that it was over or the fact that our PROJECTS were over, I cannot tell you but what I CAN tell you is that no matter the hates and dislikes and the loves we had this summer, we will miss the internship and we will miss the ‘little’ or ‘big’ moments we had getting to know each other. 

I am so thankful for the opportunities I have been given these past two summers and I am really looking forward to what the future holds for me!


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