Tweeting Instead of Talking?


After having Joy Cook  come speak to our Integrated Marketing Communications class I started thinking more and more about Social Media and the effects they have on our environment and even beginning to think about how they advertise. Little did I know there had recently been an article about Twitter in The New York Times exactly about that.

The article’s headline read: “Twitter Signs Lucrative Deal with Advertising Agency” . Who would have thought that social media would begin advertising and at that Twitter!

The article states exactly what Joy Cook was saying to our class when she came to visit, was that there was going to be convergence and that convergence is one of the most important things right now, and that is convergence on all screens of course!

A direct quote from the article says,

“This is what the company has been talking about for really the last year,” said Laura Desmond, the global chief executive of the Starcom MediaVest Group. “We’re into a new marketing era. It’s the era of convergence, across all screens.” Ms. Desmond said that many of the agency’s clients, including Samsung and Tide, had been experimenting with Twitter over the last 18 months.” 

Almost directly discussing and talking about the convergence that is happening in this time and generation. Twitter has taken flight and not only in the ad industry but when we asked Joy Cook what social media platforms she liked the most to use for her clients, etc. she also responded with Twitter.

Many people claim to  use Twitter even as their source of news! Another article talked about how people are getting their news from Twitter and how things such as the Boston Marathon bombing, etc. were seen all over social media and twitter feeds.

The article speaks of more than just these events but also,

“Seal Team Six killing Osama bin Laden broke on Twitter. The uprisings of the Arab spring were first covered via Twitter. So was the death of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. More and more, it seems the first word we get about major events comes from the microblogging service.” 

So what is going on in the Twitter world and why is is that people love to use Twitter as their source of news? In my opinion it is the concise nature of Twitter. The limit of 140 characters or less restricts people on what they can state. They have to only put the important facts and for this reason people would rather just see the headline and know what is going on, then if they are more interested many times the “tweet” will have a link.


For all of you who are not yet using Twitter, well good luck to you because as Joy Cook said, “You aren’t using it YET!”

*Here is a good informational talk about the global impact Twitter has had in the last few years. A professor from Georgetown University is interviewed.


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