Victoria’s Secret vs. Dove

Women in general are very conscious of their looks and all girls when they are growing up want to look like the ‘girl in the photos’ or the ‘girl in the magazines.’ However, once they get older they soon realize that not everyone is going to look like those girls and many will look even prettier than those girls. The topic on all of these girls’ minds by the time they are 13 now is…. drum roll please …. BODY IMAGE. Well duh! Everyone knows that right? Well it is obvious to many but at the same time how does this problem that we have with body image self esteem issues play into marketing?

As I was browsing around the internet and reading some blogs I came across an image. The image below.



What does this image say to you? Well the many of the women that spoke up about the image and campaign, they said that they were one of two things: 1. Refreshed that people were actually getting to see the way most real women look 2. Offended because there are women who look like the Victoria’s Secret models because that is their body type. So what is wrong with showing both of the ads?

This campaign and image has been circulated through various social media networks including, but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The following photo was found on Facebook.



I thought the original image was interesting because it really shows 2 different brands interacting and being compared to each other. When I think of Dove I think of soap, but when I think of Victoria’s Secret I think of lingerie and underwear. Has this image created a campaign in itself about women’s body image? And if so then what is Victoria’s Secret stance on how this makes them look?


4 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret vs. Dove

  1. You make some really good points in your post. It almost seems like the Dove ad is coming out as backlash towards Victoria’s Secret rather than just promoting Dove’s real beauty campaign. I think that the whole Dove vs. Victoria’s Secret thing is something that will not be resolved any time soon. Victoria’s Secret’s brand is built on the idea of the very thin model women who are supposed to bring the brand sex appeal while Dove’s campaign is built more on embracing real beauty on both the inside and outside. I would be interested to search around and see how Victoria’s Secret reacted this or if they just ignored it. Just as a little extra, here is an ad that Dove just released this past week. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet! Interesting new take on real beauty.

  2. I’m going be honest here – I think the ladies in the dove add are more attractive…BESIDES the point I know I know…

    In reality I want to bring up 2 concepts.

    The 1st is “Is all publicity, good publicity.” This saying has been one we have all grown up with and heard. I am going to disagree with the saying. For a start up maybe it would always be good, just to get the name out there. But lets use Nike for instance. When people found out about their labor in China, Nike’s reputation went way down

    The 2nd is how everybody criticizes everything these days. A guy could save the world and he would be criticized as going it for himself or they would do a background check and find that he stole a candy bar and his reputation would be ruined. People need to appreciate things how they are and not take it to heart. I think the campaign is a great one and it is nice to see normal people being the models.

  3. If you find a response from victoria secret, let us know ally! this is the power of social media to force a brand’s hand to stand behind its values … and the same applies to dove. that brand has had to answer to the hot seat as well — e.g. Axe controversy.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to post theses images in your blog, and to comment about they affect a woman’s body image. My ex fought with her body image, and eventually with an eating disorder. There came a point when in place of food she consumed my time and attention to the point that I could no longer take care of myself. The point is that I’ve seen what distorted self image can do to a woman… and it’s not pretty. Whomever posted the “stop” picture is a HERO in my eyes. Perpetuating the popularity of nearly unattainable beauty is destroying some very beautiful women who deserve to love themselves so much more.

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