Tragedy Hits Home and We Hit the Buttons

Remember when people had to sit around their television or radio at a certain time at night or during the day in order to figure out what was going on in the world? Or the excitement it brought people to hear the news as a family and sit around waiting for the President to speak?

Well the times have changed and we no longer have to sit around and wait for anyone to speak because news is instant now! The minute something happens it is displayed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It takes the click of a button or the swipe of a finger for something to become viral.

Take this morning’s tragic events for example.


The Boston Marathon is one of the most recognizable sporting events and marathons in the nation. It gathers large crowds and brings in people from all over to run the famous marathon. And today was an even larger case of bringing in publicity.

Unfortunately, this event occurred this afternoon at 3 pm as the first explosion went off. Followed shortly after, ten seconds according to the New York Times article , a second explosion.

So how does this coverage explain and show that the times are changing? Well I would not be here blogging to you only a short 5 hours after the occurrence if the times weren’t changing and the media outlets hadn’t become so open to everyone. You no longer need a news crew and an anchor to give the news, all you need is a camera phone.

Videos like the one below would not be able to already be streaming if it wasn’t because of the change in technology and media outlets.

The times have changed and this is the second instance we have seen something such as an explosion become streaming and live updates being shown through various media outlets and channels. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. have all covered these events. It is because of these tools that we have that people and news are 24/7 rather than specific times.

*My thoughts and prayers go out to those hurt or affected by the explosions in Boston, MA this afternoon.* 



This post is for educational purposes only and is for the sole purpose of a Marketing class at Elon University. 


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