Technology is not Just for the Young Anymore!

Everyone Gets Old…But IBM is making it Easier.

Many of us can say we have either heard of an elderly person having to be put in a home or have had to deal with a personal relative being put in a home due to old age. For many of those people the reason is because they can either no longer take care of themselves or the fear of something happening to them when they are alone frightens the family, and thus forces them to get assisted care.

Instead of this option, according to an Ad Week article,  IBM has created a technology that is making it easier and safer for seniors to live alone in their homes much longer. The technology is designed to monitor many things, some of which include: Carbon Dioxide levels in the home, temperature, and much more. All of this data is then sent to a social worker to analyze. Once they decide whether or not everything is ok, then they can call the people that are needed. These people could be relatives, ambulance, police, etc.


The story IBM chose to use to advertise this technology was not even in the United States. They chose to use an older Italian women living alone in the town of Bolzano. She has lost her husband and her daughter actually expresses her fear for her mother’s independence because of the chances of something happening to her, and no one being there to help her. The commercial plays on the audience’s emotions but at the same time shows you the facts.

The long-form spot even gives you more information on how this technology could help in savings in assistance and care. The specific number they claim is that they expect the technology, “to save 30% in assistance and care.”  This could be revolutionary. This opportunity not only helps prevents events from happening that could be potentially dangerous but also as the video says, could help use all of the resources available.


After reading this article I really became attached to it. The reason I was so drawn to this article was because of the fact that my grandma is 87 years old and is Italian. She lives in Greenwich, CT, but speaks no English and lives with my aunt. My aunt is afraid to leave and my grandma is afraid to be alone in fear that something will happen and she will not be able to call for help or she will not know what or who to call. However, with this technology this problem could be lessened.


My family is not the only one dealing with this, as many seniors have to live with family or in homes due to the fear factor.


Why not give the elderly an opportunity to be more independent even in their later years? The second they lose their independence many say that that is when they feel they are no longer able to do anything.


This technology would be focused at the countries and towns that are struggling with an aging population such as the town advertised in the video. These towns would benefit greatly from something like this.


So how to get it out there? Well, IBM has already started that. Having an article about it in Ad Week is great PR and also allows the consumers/audience to see first hand who and what this technology could be helping and preventing. Who would not love to see more seniors be independent for longer. With the way the world is now, there is more technology for everything why not for those that are not used to the benefits of technology?


This Blog is for educational purposes only and is part of a Marketing Class at Elon University.


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