You Think You’re Shoes are Sweet…

So every girl loves shoes, right? I mean who doesn’t love a nice pair of new shoes? But we haven’t seen anything yet! Technology is always changing and making this world more and more unbelievable. I mean you have Apple coming out with talking phones [Siri], then you have Google announcing the eyewear, so what next? Well you will never guess it but here it is:

talking shoe


According to a Fast Company article, “Google showed off computing in a new location: on a pair of Adidas shoes.” Google has paired up with Adidas and has made the newest and latest technology in SHOES. So what can the shoe do you ask? Well it is a live and in color walking and talking shoe.

Apparently the idea behind the shoe was:

” The idea, as developer Leif Percifield, was to see if “an inanimate object can have a personality of its own.” So his team strapped a a speaker to the tongue of the shoe that gives feedback and motivation as your move throughout your day.”

You want to see the shoe at work? No problem! Check it out for yourself,

You think all of this is a big deal, well you haven’t even heard the craziest part of it all! It gets better! The shoe not only can talk but also has a bluetooth connection that will keep you connected throughout the day. The shoe will report and share your progress and what you have done all day onto your social media networks! Talk about people knowing your every move (literally!).

But here is the bummer! You will never see the shoe in stores or available for retail unfortunately. The article says,

“The product is not meant for the market, unfortunately. It’s just a fun experiment Google put together with the help of Adidas, ad agency 72andSunny, and interactive startup YesYesNo, where Percifield works. Percifield says the shoe we saw–displayed at Google’s “playground” at SXSW–“is not using nearly as many of the capabilities of the implementation,” meaning more fun features could be coming down the road.”

But this is still awesome and just goes to show you that in this world and with the resources we have available NOTHING is impossible, not even talking shoes!

This blog post was used for an Elon University course. 


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