Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the newest thing on the market: YOU!

Visualize this. You are sitting in your home watching television, only you are not only watching the television but the television is also watching you! Crazy right? And maybe even a little bit creepy. Customer engagement has become so important that according to an article on, a television with a camera on it is on the way! If that doesn’t say customer engagement, I don’t know what does!

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Erik Huggers; Photo courtesy of

The idea behind this television is to improve the viewing experience of the customer. The television tracks the customer and what they are watching, thus providing the customer with more recommendations of what they like. As a little disclaimer, Mr. Huggers, General Manager at Intel Media did say,

   “People will be able to close the shutter on the camera if they so choose

 But he believes many users will actually choose to expose themselves

to visual tracking to enhance their viewing experience.”

Would having a camera on a television really enhance your “viewing experience or would it help to target ads? Either way you look at it, it is a step toward even more consumer and customer engagement. I shall call it: Customization!

In two different ways this television makes me think about Big Brother and the Macintosh commercial. It makes me think that there is a way things have always been and now suddenly we are “throwing a hammer (like in the commercial)” at the old ways of marketing. But at the same time the commercial makes me wonder if the television is our first step toward the idea of no privacy. You decide.

Sounds like a bit of a different approach then Don Schultz right? Back in the 1950’s it was all about the Four P’s and the importance of making sure that we focused on those when coming up with a marketing strategy. Thinking of the customer first would have been absurd. It was all about the Price, Placement, Promotion, and the Product itself. But it’s as Bob Dylan said, “Times they are a-changin,” only this now they have already changed!

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The Big Shift

We have all fallen victim of customer engagement “tactics” as I will call them. Whether it is the “recommendations” on shopping sites, sidebars on Facebook with ads that are based off of your interests, suggested followers on Twitter, and even the casual survey that pops up when you go to a site.

Screenshot of Facebook

The contact points, as Kenneth Clow (Author of Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Communications) calls them, have changed and they are no longer what we believed them to be before. Contact points before referred to any place that the consumer saw an advertisement or was dealing directly with the brand itself. But this has changed and it changed when we started using The Internet.

Me? What Do I think? Well Since You Asked!

I know that specifically to me, customer engagement matters. It is a way for the brand to entertain me. It gets me involved and keeps me wanting more. One person I know who would agree with me about customer engagement being vital is Willems. Have you ever heard the saying, “The Customer is always right?” Well I am sure you have and it was Willem who said in his article that the “customer is the king” and they have more power now than ever. That saying is a perfect example. The revenue comes from the sales and we all know where those come from so ladies and gentlemen we might as well welcome the newest product on the market, YOU. It is all about you now and how they [companies] can keep you wanting more.

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Don’t Turn Around He’s Watching

Let’s go back to Willem’s article. In it, he also talks about the creation of what is called the Blueconomy. What is this you might ask and what purpose does it serve? You know all of that information that companies are gathering about us and our trends and what we look at? The Blueconomy helps the brand managers combine all of the information and share it to receive a better understanding of the customers. Gathering information about people and then sharing it? How far is too far?

Think back to the television with the camera. Is that an invasion of privacy or is that just customer engagement as internal as it gets? Think about tracking devices on your phone, tablets, etc. What about Facebook and the locations application that you can turn on or off? All of these new world innovations are creating a marketing environment where reaching the customer has become both necessary and less difficult then before. Do you like it? Or does it creep you out? There is one way I think about this process. A professor once said, “I turn chaos into structure” and I feel as though marketers are trying to add some structure to our habits and reducing some of the noise that we try and avoid anyways. So if you ask me, I think people complain about things that don’t apply to them but when it comes to finding out how we can make it apply to them it suddenly becomes inconvenient and invasive.

Site: Google Images

So let’s recap. Is customer engagement important? Yes. Is the use of the Internet becoming more and more apparent in the world of marketing? Absolutely. And lastly, what is next? Televisions with cameras on them!

What will be the new phenomenon? Who knows and until then I will keep you all updated on what’s going on in the world of Integrated Marketing Communications at Elon!

This Blog Post is an assignment from an Integrated Marketing Communications class at Elon University.


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Google Images: Tracking image, Customers are always right, Bob Dylan, Erik Huggers



3 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the newest thing on the market: YOU!

  1. Hey Ally! You make a good point about the customer always being right. I talked about that in my post too, and I think it’s an important philosophy in terms of engagement, because the customer IS always right about what he or she wants and companies must cater to that. I did, however, come across a couple articles that I thought were interesting regarding that phrase “the customer is always right.”

    The link above leads to an article discussing situations when the customer isn’t right for your business. Southwest had one customer who sent in unfounded and ridiculous complaints every time she flew Southwest. Finally, Herb Kelleher, Southwest’s CEO, wrote back, telling the woman they would miss her.

    A few reasons the customer may not always be right include the fact that it makes employees unhappy. Unhappy employees may not want to engage as positively with rude customers. This results in poor customer service. How can your employees form and maintain a positive relationship with an “abrasive” customer.?

    The point that is most relevant to customer engagement is the one that states some customers are bad for business. A lot of us have mentioned positive and negative customer reviews and their influence on other customers in our posts. A customer with a consistently negative opinion on a company is likely not spreading many positive reviews about the company. The internet makes it easy for negative customers to get unfounded complaints out there. This could result in the company engaging with negative customers by trying to resolve complaints, rather than engaging potential and repeat customers positively.

    What do you think? Do you think there’s a point where sometimes you need to let a customer go, or should every customer relationship be valued and even negative customers be engaged?

  2. Apologies for the test comment above! I am having difficulty posting to Blogger, so here I am at WordPress! Your heading “Don’t Turn Around He’s Watching” really caught my eye. It seems that you have the same question I do. How far is too far? When does the collection of customer information become an invasion of privacy? Do you remember in our Principles class when Sean shared an example that Target had collected so much information about a woman (based on her purchases), that they knew she was pregnant even before she did?! I have two words for that: Personal Space. But then on the other hand… I want a good relationship with the brands I buy from, and sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do.. I am more inclined to give away the digits if I am getting something rewarding in return (ie a big discount or guaranteed a free gift). Which is exactly why I started an account at Sephora; I got a free gift on my birthday and they are able to recommend products based on previous purchase and skin type.

    On a closing note, great incorporation of the famous Moser quote, “I bring structure to chaos.” Look at Sam’s blog! He related it back to Valentine’s Day and relationships with a customer.

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